If you are living in the US and plan to visit the UK, you many need to apply for a UK  tourist visa from USA

Generally, if you are a US citizen, you will not usually require a UK tourist visa to visit the UK, you will be able to visit the UK under the visa waiver program which will permit your entry for up to 6 months visit.

However, there are circumstances in which it is advisable for a US Citizen to apply for a UK  tourist visa from USA

Below are examples of when a US Citizen should apply for a UK Tourist visa

  • Criminal Convictions: US Citizens with criminal convictions., should first check with a UK Immigration Lawyer that the criminal  convictions will not prevent them from getting a UK Tourist visa.
  • Previous UK Immigration problems: if you have previously fallen into difficulties with the UK Immigration authorities, you should definitely apply for a UK tourist visa from usa before embarking on your Journey to the UK.  examples are those  who have been prevented from entering the UK by an immigration officer, those who have been removed or deported from the UK
  • Previously overstayed a visa: If you have previously overstayed a visa or a visit in the UK, you will most likely be stopped by a UK Immigration officer at your port of entry and may be denied entry. It would be best if you employ the services of a UK Immigration lawyer to first present your case in a UK tourist visa application to give you a better chance of gaining entry to the UK.
  • Business visitors –   Usually apply for a UK visa to set out their case in advance to the UK Immigration service that they will not be breaching the UK Immigration employment rules

Aside from the US citizens that are mentioned above, the following will people living in the US will also need to apply for a UK  tourist visa from USA:

  • Non-US Citizens living in the US who are Non-EEA Citizen  or  Non-Swiss citizens will usually need to apply for a US tourist visa (examples Green Card holders)
  • US citizens going to the UK for the purpose of marriage only, may require a marriage visitor visa
  • US Citizens and Green card holders  wanting to go for short term studies will need a Short-term study visa

It is always advisable to contact a UK Immigration Lawyer to advise and assist with your UK Tourist visa.

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