Once you have decided that you need to apply for a UK visa from USA , the next step is to determine the type of UK visa you require and more importantly, how to apply for UK visa from USA

We set below the basic procedural steps on how to apply for UK visa from USA,  to be followed by anyone who is applying for a UK visa from USA.


Step 1:  Contact a UK Immigration lawyer for assistance in determining the best visa for UK.  You can also visit our page on all UK visas or look at the UK Visas and Immigration government website


Step 2.  Find out which website you can apply from .  There are two main websites which are the visa4uk website  or the new site which is

The online procedure on how to apply for UK visa from USA is dependent on your visa route. i.e. this will determine which online application you can use.


Step 3:  Complete your UK visa online application form. It is usually prudent at this stage to appoint a UK immigration lawyer to help with your UK visa from USA.  But you can complete this form yourself. It is advisable not to submit your application until you have gathered all your supporting documents.


Step 4:  Complete additional application forms .  Some UK visa from USA, require additional forms which cannot be completed online, for example there are supplemental forms to the  completed for the UK spouse visa, the Tier 2 visa , the Tier 5 visa.


Step 5.  Review the UK immigration rules and prepare your evidence to show that you meet the requirements of the immigration rules.  This is the crucial stage where you need the assistance of a UK immigration lawyer.  Many immigration lawyers will prepare a representation letter at this stage


Step 6: Once you are satisfied that you have complied with the UK Immigration Rule. You should go back to your online visa application form and submit this


Step 7.  Once you submit your UK visa application online and have completed the declaration you will be required to pay your application fees. Some applications will also require you to pay an IHS (immigration health surcharge) fee


Step 8 : Book your biometric appointment. When applying for UK visa from USA  your biometric appointment will take place at a visa  Application Support Center near your home.


Step 9 : Upload your supporting documents online.  Some UK visa Application Support Centers provide scanning services , so you may be able to deal with this when you attend your Biometric appointment


Step 10. Attend your biometric appointment and send your original passport to the UK Immigration service.  Along with any supporting documents you have not uploaded or scanned.


Step 11: Await your UK visa decision and the return of your original documents


There are optional premium services available at a separate fee , which may change some of the steps above, example , there is a premium service that allows you to keep your passport while your application is being decided.

It is always advisable to contact a UK Immigration Lawyer to advise and assist with your UK Immigration  visa.

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