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UK Immigration Law is quite complex, appointing an attorney should be your first step in visiting emigrating to the UK. If you get thing wrong, appeal your case will be costly and can take up to 18 months to resolve.

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Upper Darby

Upper Darby Township (often shortened to simply Upper Darby) is a home rule township[3] bordering Philadelphia in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, United States. Upper Darby is home to the Tower Theater, a historic music venue on 69th Street built in the 1920s. Upper Darby’s population is diverse, representing over 100 ethnic cultures. The township hosts a range of housing types including densely populated rowhouse sections similar to houses in neighboring West Philadelphia, tree-lined neighborhoods of turn-of-the-century single-family houses and mid-century developments. It is Pennsylvania’s sixth most populous municipality.
Located 2.8 miles from Center City (downtown Philadelphia), Upper Darby includes within its borders the western terminus of the Market-Frankford Line of the SEPTA mass transit system of Philadelphia. Located at 69th Street in the heart of Upper Darby’s principal business district, the 69th Street Terminal connects multiple trolley and bus lines to all major SEPTA lines of Delaware, Philadelphia and Montgomery counties.